Our Boys Home is functioning at Moolachal, a village 3 kilometers away from Thuckalay, Kalkulam Taluk Head Quarter. Portion of accommodation of our Home was the first church built by Moolachal people for worship, which is kept as monument for future generation with structural modifications. Most of the people of our village are farmers. They depend on rainy season and availability of work in nearby Rubber plantation area. More agricultural laborers are addicted to alcohol by which their maximum earning is spent. Women of such families are compelled to go out in search of work in farm and cashew factories for nominal wages to meet the day to day household expenses and basic needs. The boys of such families are admitted in our Boys Home without any caste, creed or religion. We are providing food, shelter and better education.

        There are 50 children getting moulded through our Home. Among these 39 are normal school going and 9 children are pursuing their higher education under extended Sponsorship. Among the extended sponsorship children, 3 are attending Higher Secondary education and the remaining 8 are attending Polytechnic courses at CSI Jayaraj Annapackiam Polytechnic College, Nazareth. Among the 39 normal children eight were in primary education, sixteen in Middle School and the remaining 15 were in High School. Out of 50 children there are 34 Christians and 16 Hindus. Four children were in X standard & 3 children in XII standard appeared for Government Public Examination. All of them passed and were settled as per their wish. During this academic year our children’s uniform was changed. Previously depending upon the taste of school authorities children wore uniform. Now all the school children are wearing brown color pant and biscuit color shirt as uniform as per the Tamil Nadu Government order.