Children’s Highlight:

The children were asked about their most memorable moment in the hostel this year and this is what they had to say.“We the children were asked to discuss about one important event which occurred in our Home this year. We heard from television and poster advertisements that a famous circus called Gemini Circus was showed in Nagercoil. So we requested our warden sir to take us to visit the circus. As per our request our warden sir made arrangements to take us to visit circus on 11.08.12 by two vans at 2 pm. Before starting our travel we assembled in our Prayer Hall and our warden sir prayed to God to bless our trip. On the way we visited the Holy place of Punither (Holy man) Devasahayam called “Muttudichan Paarai”. Here we saw the water flows from a small rock pit. We were informed that Mr. Devasahayam a holy man made to flow water from a rock by hitting the rock by his elbow to fulfill his thirst. It happened some hundred years back. We also tasted the water. It was amazing. Also on the way we visited a Reservoir called Mambalathuraiyaru dam at Villukuri. Finally at 6.30 pm we reached Nagercoil. The show held from 7 pm to 9.30 pm. There we saw thirty types of plays like gymnastics, plays of parrots, elephants, horses, dogs, bikes riding in a cage, cycling, bar playing, comedians act etc. Most of us previously saw circus only through the television. But we got opportunity to watch it directly. Really we enjoyed by seeing the cricket playing of elephants. Also we learnt the importance of praying and the danger of consuming alcohols through the act of elephants. We enjoyed the show very much”.

Future Plans

We are suffering a lot without sufficient electricity. So we have planned to install solar power system to fulfill our electricity needs. We need around one lakh to install this Solar System. We have planned to install this by collecting donation from well wishers.