In 1974, Rev. G. Christdhas M.A., B.D., assumed charge as District Minister of Moolachel after his return from U.S.A. when no project existed in the entire District. He wanted to develop the village on seeing the wandering and needy children, a Day Care Centre, a Children’s Home and a Lace Industry were started. Mr. N. A. George, the then secretary and members of the Church Committee extended their full support to start these institutions.


The Children’s Home for boys was inaugurated on 15.01.1976 by Rev. G. Christdhas who was the pastor at the Moolachel Hacker Memorial CSI Church. At the time of starting, the Home was functioning with 30 children in a rented house. There was only one warden and a cook was appointed to care the children. After one year the Home was shifted to the old Church building and it was handed over to this Home. A kitchen and a dining hall were built by collecting donations from the well wishers. As there was no proper path to the Home, Mr. N.A. George gifted a pathway of two feet wide for a distance about three hundred feet. Also, M/s. A. Selvamoni, Nesasiromoni and Kolappan gifted the same from their properties and the path was named as KNH Lane. In the beginning time the government Primary School, Moolachel was also functioned in this campus.

In 1985, one building with two rooms for dormitory with bathroom and toilet facilities was constructed with the aid of CCCYC Bangalore. Then one dormitory was converted to Office and Tuition cum Library Room. Also with their help a Warden Quarters was constructed and named as ‘Selvamony Illam’. It was dedicated on 05.10.90 by the Bishop Rt. Rev. G. Christdhas M.A., B.D. In the same year a bore well was erected with a pump set and an over head tank. In 1990 a post of assistant warden and a part time tuition teacher post were sanctioned. The same year the primary school was shifted to present Moolachel government school building and the whole campus was occupied by the Home. In 1992 two toilets were constructed with the help of CCCYC Bangalore in the back side of dining hall. In 1996 the western wall of the church building was reconstructed with the aid of Central Office. LPG connection was sanctioned by the government of India in August 1996. The end of December in 1996 the eastern side compound wall was constructed by collecting fund through a Lottery Ticket Program. In 2002 the kitchen was extended by constructing one more room. In 2003 two more toilets were constructed behind the dinning hall.

An additional multipurpose hall along with two toilet rooms was built above the dormitory in the year 2004 by the CCCYC, Bangalore and it was dedicated on 06.11.04 by Rev. T. Christudhas. The Home boundary was fixed by separating two families by the then treasurer Adv. Sathiadas on 26.11.05. Then compound was constructed in front of the Home in the same year by getting donation of Rs. 6000/- from the Moolachel Church and the well wishers. Mr. Balasir Joseph, Moolachel donated Rs. 7000/- to fix the main Gate on 10.04.06. Also the same year in the month of September a toilet was constructed at the prayer hall for the use of small children during the night. The Prayer Hall Flooring work was done on 17.02.07. The West side compound wall was constructed in the year 2008 by getting sufficient stones from the Moolachel CSI Church. Also the same year a room was constructed in the south east corner of the Home for rearing birds and chicks.

The Present area of our Home is 45 cents. Till now 208 boys have completed their studies and left the Home. At present there are 50 children getting their education from this Home. There is a warden, a cook and two part time tuition teachers are working in the Home. Mr. A. Gersome George is the present manager of the Home.

The main object of the home is to make the children self independent. Accordingly the children are guided to study technical subjects. Also opportunities are given to the children to conduct every day prayers individually. Apart from this, the children are encouraged to exhibit there latent talents by providing opportunities in sports & games, Competitions, community awareness programs, cultural programs etc. The main work experience programs of the Home are Screen Printing, White washing & Painting and Gardening.

The child M. Suresh – 219 scored 428 marks out of 500 in the S.S.L.C. Public Examination during the year 2008.09. Also the child G. Stephen Satharack – 211 scored 96 percentages of marks in the Final Year Diploma in Automobile Engineering. Now he is doing B. E. second year in CSI. Institute of Technology, Thovalai at full fees concession.

Most of our Ex – foster children have got job in Government, private and abroad and settled in their lives. Especially the boy J. Lenin – 115 is working as a police constable in Tamil Nadu Government after passing B.Sc. The boy S. Albin Raja Kumar – 078 is working as a CT/MRI Technologist in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore after successfully completing Diploma in Radio Diagnosis Technology. The boy K. Jebaselin – 076 is doing B.D course in Syrampur Theological University, Calcutta after passing B.Sc. The boy K. Benil – 113 is working as a Drafter in M/S. Cameron Manufacturing India Private Ltd., Coimbatore after successfully completing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. After appointment he was sent to U.S.A. for one year training. The boy M. Suman – 102 is working in a private company at Saudi Arabia and earning Rs. 30000/- per month. He successfully completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering through our Home.

The following persons served as wardens in the Home. Mrs. D. Catherine Flory Bai 15.01.76 – 31.05.77, Mr. C. Ambrose 20.08.77 – 10.06.78, Mr. C. Wilson 11.06.78 – 30.04.79, Mr. C. Ambrose 01.05.79 – 30.06.84, Mr. N. Martin Daniel Dhas 01.12.84 – 30.06.86, Mr. J. Jacob Johnson 01.08.86 – 22.09.86, Mr. H. Edward Sam 22.09.86 – 08.17.87, Mr. J. Jacob Johnson 23.11.87 – 16.12.87, Mr. A. Dharmaraj 17.12.87 – 31.05.92, Mr. P. Devadhason 08.06.92 – 31.07.94, Mr. T. Kanagaraj 17.08.94 – 30.06.95, Mr. P. Devadhason 01.07.95 – 13.11.95, Mrs. Rani Joel 14.11.95 – 01.05.96, Mr. P. Devadhason 02.05.96 – 31.05.03 & Mrs. Jessie Ambrose 01.04.03 – 06.05.04. The present warden Mr. P. Devadhason is serving from 08.05.04.

The following persons who served as managers. Mr. A. Gersome George 05.01.86 to 1988, Mr. Chellappan 1988 to 31.03.1991, Mr. N.A George 01.04.1991 – 30.08.97, Mr. A. Aruldhas 01.09.97 – 31.06.01, Mr. R. Stephenson Gnanaraj 01.07.01 – 08.07.03, Mr. S. Chellapaulus 09.07.03 – 20.07.06, Mr. D. Dennis Veda John 21.07.06 – 21.07.09. Now Mr. A. Gersome George is serving as manager since 22.07.09.

Analyzing the previous records and experience our boys stood first in discipline, leadership and in character in their educational institutions. The Home is doing wonderful work for the up lift of poor Children. By this our Lords name is praised by public and head of institutions. Hope the same training and discipline will be maintained to the Glory of God.